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Behind the Headlines är en brittisk tjänst som kommenterar medicinska nyheter i massmedia och som granskar de forskningsresultat som ligger bakom rubrikerna.
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James Lind

The James Lind Library has been created to help people understand fair tests of treatments in health care. The principles of fair tests are explained in essays available in Arabic (ربي), Chinese (中文), English, French (français), Russian (русский язык), Portuguese (Português) and Spanish (español). In addition, three books written for the public are available here for free download. One of the books – Testing Treatments – is available in 2 editions and seven languages at www.testingtreatments.org.
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Information is Beautiful is a website by David McCandless, a London-based author, writer and designer.  The site is about using design to understand information better.

The developers have provide detailed citations to the source data upon which they base their visualisations.

There are two resources that can help visualise issues in relation to health and testing treatments:
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